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Standing Ovation provides just the right sound and lighting experience for any type of event, big or small.  From parties, proms, stage shows, concerts, weddings, indoor and outdoor events, we know what it takes to get feet on the dance floor or to set that perfect scene.  Offering some of the best sound and lighting support services in North East Scotland, we know that a great event is even better with the right music and the perfect atmospheric lighting.


Planning an event? Let us help you get your party started or your show on the road.  Get in touch and let’s make your event, one that everyone remembers and forever talks about.



We started life supporting local events and concerts in Aberdeenshire as a hobby.  Things quickly grew and before we knew it, we were providing sound and lighting support services to bands like Deacon Blue, Big Country and Eddie Reader as well as supporting stage performances, proms, parties and festivals right across the North East of Scotland.


We love stage shows and musicals.  Through supporting lots of amateur dramatics and musical productions across Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire and Moray, we've learned that "all the world's a stage" - does that make us gods? - perhaps maybe little ones!


From celebratory parties, proms, fashion shows, concerts, indoor or outdoor events, we provide everything from a simple PA set up to a fully designed sound and lighting installation and its management.  Give us a call and get us involved in your next event.  We'd love to help you be heard loud and clear as well as lighting up your audience's lives.



Find out what our crew are currently listening to.  From country to trance - we have an eclectic mix of tunes that keep the team going whilst working on your event.


Let's get this party started

We work closely with our clients to provide a unique tailor-made solution for each individual event.  It's important for us to fully understand your audience, the venue, your specific requirements, timings, musical tastes and special requests.  


From DJ services to full equipment provision, we provide a range of solutions big or small to make your event one to remember and that everyone's forever talking about.

Contact us now, and let us get your party started.


If all the world's a stage - we must be gods

We love a good show tune and when we work with you on one of your productions, by the end, we'll know every song and each line of dialogue, inside out.


It's important for us to fully understand your technical performance requirements at the planning stage.  We'll work with you to design the lighting set for that perfect scene and help map out microphone and sound requirements that ensure your audience will be applauding for more.


Call us now to discuss your next performance requirements.


We'll help make it an event they won't forget

Whatever your event, be it a small family gathering to a large marquee function or festival, we have a range of support services that can make your event stand out.


From providing a simple PA system to fully staging a bespoke wedding venue for your perfect day.  Big or small events, inside or out, we'll have a solution available for you.


Our extensive network of supply partners means we can cater for even the largest of events from rock concerts, festivals and large productions - we'd love to discuss your next project.


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Just click on the links to our Facebook or Instagram feeds on this page or simply search for @standingovationuk - We'll hopefully see your event listed here soon.



Thank you all so much for your help providing lighting and staging for our fundraising events.


It was so appreciated and you are so professional.  All in all, we raised a fantastic amount of money during the week, we look forward to working with you again next year.

Marie Curie - Local Fundraising Team



Call us on:   07933 172715

Standing Ovation is a member of the Production Services Association and fully embraces its professional code of conduct 

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